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Accessing services of support

A child is the most beautiful blessing, when your child is diagnosed with any injury, accident, sickness, or disability, the feelings and emotions of parents are near to collapse. In these cases, parents need moral support and physical support. It’s crucial to remember that you’re not alone. Over 10 million kids have or are at risk of developing a severe medical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional disorders.

Many choices are available that assist the family and their particular requirements, which may provide good support in the difficult moments the parents can enjoy their life to their fullest. Let’s consider some suggestions that can be helpful for parents in times when their children need special care.

Program for parents
These programs can be initiated for parents through which their isolation can be limited as parents of a special needs child can face emotional distress. The healthcare service can also facilitate referrals by providing extended support, grief help, align yourself with support, advocacy, counselling services to assist you in your most challenging times.

Empower “knowledge is the most powerful tool on this journey”
Organisations like ours can arrange a place for you and your child where you can have access to resources, books, and literature, parents in similar circumstances It can help you addresses, plan and learn what parents of special needs children often face and go through.

Parent and Parent Program
We have a program that offers and provides extra support and facilitation through an experienced parent who has been where you are right now, A mentor, friend, a listener who has gone through comparable circumstances can be more beneficial than a therapist for certain people.

Philanthropist Groups
The philanthropist group created for parents of special needs children where you can express your feelings and emotions to the group, providing counseling sessions, medication, therapies, and training. These aspects help the parents relax and think positive providing optimistic solutions and visions about their children’s future.

The Foundation of Special Children’s Care we are committed
In a unique way to ensure the foundation of all children’s care, allied health services along with the family support are developed as soon as possible, which preserves the rights and values of individuals with intellectual and developmental issues to ensure they have every opportunity to live their best possible life.

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