Kalon Meraki

Advocacy & support

We partner with Hatiology who engage in assisting those who may need emotional support or practical support in helping to protect their rights. free, and independent. 

Advocates for human rights and inclusion for people with significant disabilities and support needs – those most vulnerable to segregation, abuse, neglect, working to advance inclusive communities through advocacy, research, professional development, policy, and information and resources for parents, families and self-advocates. The advocacy work of Hatiology practices have been shown to improve outcomes for all people.

We also provide emotional and wellbeing support through counselling and or psychology support that can help people with disability, their families, and carers.

  • discussing feelings and emotions in a safe and confidential environment
  • work out a problem or issue
  • find other practical supports available to them
  • Trauma assistance and programs
  • Ensuring and assisting you in maintaining and arrange the correct supports.

Advocacy can help people with disability, their family members or carers acting on their behalf.

  • Protect their rights
  • work out problems they may be facing, the gaps, who’s responsibility it is to ensure those supports are funded.
  • Ensure NDIS plans are suitable and adequate from a holistic approach ensuring NDIS plans are paving positive outcomes for the participant immediate and long-term needs.
  • Ensuring the correct reporting in undertaken providing clear understanding via mapping the reports and assessments into one document called Clinical, Medial Intensive collaborated report (ICR) highlighting reasonable and necessary as per the NDIS national guidelines, this is provided at time of plan reviews to ensure planners can make the correct interpretation of the challenges and impacts of the child’s disability.
  • access other supports such as legal or financial services.

Our mission is to bridge the gap of navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme while also providing innovative opportunities that enable each child to reach their goals.

We want every child to achieve recognition of their value in the community. We are an inclusive community where children of all abilities are valued.

In 2013, I welcomed Hati into my world. A beautiful daughter that came with multiple diagnosis.

The gift of being Hati’s mother has transformed my life. Hati has showed me the importance of peace and purpose in life. My desire to be the best possible Mum for Hati has also shown me the importance of support to those on a similar extraordinary parent journey.

My love for Hati and my awareness of the effect of disabilities in life ignited something far greater than I could ever imagine. Fuelled with passion, I am a passionate advocate for creating change for all children and families living with challenges like ours. This is where Hatiology began.

The name is a partnership of Hati and the knowledge we gained through both good and harrowing times. It is a connection of our lived learned experiences and the experts we have aligned with.

Hatiology are a Australia wide disability consumer controlled, cross disability, nonpresidential, private non-profit. They do advocacy at the local, state and national levels. Their mission is to ignite disability power and pride, provide critical services, and break down systemic barriers to create a stronger, more inclusive society.

For more information or if you require advocacy support please email hello@hatiology.com.au