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At Kalon + Meraki we have been providing support to children and young people and their families for over 20 years.

Our range of multi-disciplinary services are designed to help children and young people with high support needs to live the best lives possible with their family. From occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy through to support workers, nursing and overnight respite.

We support children, young people and their and families throughout Australia and the greater. Our sister organisation Care Society is NDIS Registered, specialising in home care solutions, clinical nurse consulting, dedicated training, community care plans, support coordination to support participants of all ages on their NDIS journey.


Consumables are everyday items you may need because of your disability support needs. For example, respiratory supplies, hen feeding supplies and feeds, continence products or low-cost assistive technology and equipment to improve your independence and/or mobility, we are the only consumable supplier in Australia that prepares and quotes your full NDIS consumable requirements, providing online streamlined stress free non time consuming service, to find out more send us an enquiry one of our a dedicated account managers will be in touch.


In a bid to make the lives of families with special needs children better, Kalon + Meraki leverages the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in Australia; a scheme that provides lifetime support for people with a permanent or significant disability, to make sure that families get the full measure of its benefits. Having a wealth of experience in all ramifications, Kalon + Meraki seeks to be the bridge between the gap of navigating the NDIS and living a normal fulfilling family life.

We are all about helping families get the best out of their NDIS plans so that they can live life to the fullest and achieve their dreams.
We understand what it’s like to navigate life in a complex disability world in Australia, we know that behind every NDIS plan there is a person with a deep story to tell deserving of the best care in the world and an endless stream of love. So every connection with a customer for Kalon + Meraki is an opportunity to make a real difference and change lives positively. We draw from our personal experiences, the ups and downs to provide quality outcomes for every single client that comes our way, taking the extra time to listen and understand your specific needs before we take any action so that we can yield only positive results.

Kalon + Meraki is here to make life easier, to make the journey of every one of our clients a remarkable one. We hold your hand and walk with you step by step through the process, everyone should have the opportunity to fully participate in life and community regardless of ability.
Through, providing disability services, and a functional online store that provides you with access to medical consumables equipment and all the supplies you may need without any of the stress.

Kalon Meraki Pty Ltd
Level 2, 110 William Street
Perth Western Australia 6000

U2 – 23 Foster Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Telephone: 1300 208 848

E-mail: hello@kalonmeraki.com.au

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If you are experiencing a crisis situation relating to your mental health and your concerned for the welfare of yourself or those around you please call 000 or lifeline on 13 11 14, if you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 000.
At Kalon + Meraki we are highly trained and skilled however we are unable to offer clinical medical advice, for medical advice always contact your specialist treating team, or your local general practitioner.